lisa_introHi! I am Lisa Huang, and I am a doctoral student in social psychology at the University of California, Davis. I study social perception in the context of intergroup bias. To that end, my research touches on many topics in stereotyping, prejudice, person perception, and stigma. I strive to obtain a global perspective of intergroup bias by examining both the majority and the minority group perspectives.

Driving my work is my broad concern for reducing intergroup bias, promoting diversity and acceptance (not just tolerance!) and improving outcomes for disadvantaged groups. I approach my research with this concern in mind. Social issues related to stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination are informed by a broad spectrum of factors, from micro-level cognitive factors (e.g., basic attentional, judgmental, and motivational processes) to macro-level systemic factors (e.g., educational, economic, and political systems), and from a broad set of disciplines including psychology, sociology, and other social sciences. Although I study these issues at the social cognitive level and from the psychological perspective, I have a general interest, beyond my immediate work, in learning from different perspectives.